RunLog 7-13-11 – Broke 19:00

I did it, I broke 19:00 minutes for 2.0 miles!  That might not be a big deal to many people out there – I know “big whoop and a yawn”.  To me it means that I am making progress, listen I know that I will never break 18:00 for a 5K again, but my goal is to break 24:00 for a 5K this year and if my knee holds up, I know that I can.
I started out great, hitting 1.0 mile in 9:08, but wilted in the sun on Blake Rd and did the walk run routine 4-5 times.  The sun just seems to completely drain me and I have gotten smart enough that I don’t try to fight it nearly as hard as I used to.  I keep moving and start running again as soon as possible.
It worked good enough to break 19:00, now to just keep plugging away at getting my endurance base up to where I can make the entire 3 mile course without walking.  I predict sometime around late August. But a couple of those hills are a real bear.
The bog warriors attacked in force today.  The were swarming in a cloud around my head and for a long time didn’t land to take a bite.  One did and when I smashed him to a pulp on my neck, the others attacked in force.  I don’t know if this helped with breaking 19:00, but I know that I ran faster to get away from them.
I guess I should have just flicked him away.  Took 3 major welts, but 24 bog warriors were casualties in this engagement.
The bog warrior part of this post is just for fun, but I really don’t like horse flies alias bog warriors.  Who know maybe this will be the basis for a alternative earth view fantasy book, with horseflies having a life of their own and how they defend their kingdoms against the invading giants :).
Let’s have fun today and enjoy life.