RunLog 7-12-11 – Muggy and Overcast

I started out really slowly today and then picked it up a little at the bottom of the hill. Freakin horseflies and mosquitoes wanted to carry me into the woods and do wonderful things (in their opinion) to my body, however, I was very unwilling.  I killed quite a few of what I call the bog warriors and their allies.  They just seemed to keep coming not matter how many I slapped or stepped on after I knocked them to the ground.  It was a battle royale and they definitely were winning.
All this caused me to run faster, if awkwardly as I was swinging and waving my hat at my tormentors.  The few trucks that went by must have thought that I was totally crazy.  Maybe I was for going down towards the bog on an overcast day, after a night of rain.  I know that it was a tough, tough run – besides the bugs, it was hot, humid and already in the mid 80s.
I have never done well in high temps or high humidity, even when I lived in Washington, DC and ran everyday at noon time – year round.  But I finished faster than I have before on this course (this year).  While I was out there fighting my tormentors, I thought how much I liked the idea of running 2 and walking back in the last mile.  This is usually my 3.0 mile course and mostly down hill going out, with a couple of small hills to get up that just about kill me right now.
This will be a great run in late August through when the snow flies, hopefully the knee will allow me to get up to that 3.0 mile point, it sure is not ready yet, but is still making progress.  Now to just get rid of those darn bog warriors.