RunLog 7-10-11 – Baling Hay

Today was a DNR in the log book, but I sure didn’t just sit on my butt all day, today I helped the neighbor down the road get his hay inside.  I haven’t bailed hay since the 1970’s.
I had forgotten how hard, dirty (yes dirty) and how tired being out in the hot sun working is.I have gotten soft, spending most of the last 30-40 years doing administrative type jobs – those office jobs where you don’t usually break too much of a sweat and have some fun and good discussions while you are doing it.
I know that I am tired tonight, but the best part of it all is that my knee isn’t bothering me, some slight swelling but that is it.  That is after all the twisting, turning, bending to pick up 30-40 pound hay bales and tossing them up on the wagon, then offloading and putting them on the elevator to the hay loft.
Overall, it was a great workout – yes I will be sore in the morning, but I was able to help out a neighbor and followed through when I said that I would help him out.  That was to me the most important part – that I kept my word.