On The Outside Looking In

School let out on June 17th and I am really starting to feel as though the mental fog is just starting to lift.  The most interesting part is that I really don’t think all that much about education or things related to the classroom like I used to. Yes I resigned from being a teacher and went into semi-retirement, but I was surprised with how quickly education related topics became a less important part of my life – much less.
Sure I still follow quite a few educators on blogs, Twitter and Facebook, read many of the links and news articles about education reform, but I really don’t get involved in the chats (once in a while I might throw in a comment or two), discussions or blog comments about those issues anymore.About the only time I comment now is when there are more personal type conversations, “how many homeruns did the Red Sox hit” or “stripers vs strippers”.  I still want the personal connections even if we are not talking about education as much.I have pretty much removed myself from the education conversation for now – not that I was ever all that important – just another voice in the wilderness trying to be heard.
It seems that I needed most was to get away from the seemingly 24/7 educationally related immersion that was my life up until last month.  For now I am focusing on other interests that I just never seemed to have time for, even when it was summer break (I still refuse to use the word vacation for the time when teachers are not in school – it isn’t).  I think that this change has been a healthy change for me.This is a very strange change for me, because I had been fairly active in educationally related issues and improving myself as a teacher for the past decade or more. It is almost as though I am looking at education from the outside through a big glass window.  I know a lot of the people on the other side of that window, but I am not really interested in what they are saying enough right now, to walk through the door and re-join the conversation. Perhaps I will later, but for now I am comfortable being on the outside looking in.

This is almost exactly the same feeling that I had when I retired from the Coast Guard in 1996, I walked away after a 20 career, didn’t look back very much for almost 10 years and lost contact with those who I worked with or were friends with. I don’t plan to make that mistake this time, because I did loose touch with many great people.

This is the biggest thing, I do not want to loose the connections with the many great educators, who have become my friends or part of my PLN during the time that I was a teacher. So if I am quiet for a while on Twitter or Facebook, it doesn’t mean that I am not listening, I simply have chosen to be quiet and let others do most of the talking, but every once in a while don’t be surprised if I add in my 2 cents.

Besides with all of the social media tools that we have available to us today, the old paradigm of loosing touch has lost much of its force.

I will be around.