Updated Blogger in Draft – Review – July 2011

I was going through my gReader and came across Blogger’s Updated Interface Now Available for All Draft Users.  I have been waiting to get my hands on this update since they started talking about it this spring.  I was more than a little excited about it finally arriving.  I have high hopes for the update and hope that they are met.

The updated user interface is a lot cleaner than the previous version and I like that a lot of the former tabs are now in the sidebar.  But I wonder how that will work for small screen computers?

Blogger in Draft Landing page

I really like the new landing page and how it is laid out.

Overview page

I like the way that the overview page gives you easy to read stats, as you can see mine are not great, but I am happy with them.

Template page
At the bottom of the Template page are more commands to change the theme to a custom theme or personalize your theme to meet your wants or needs.
Posts Page
I like how the posts can be sorted by all, drafts, scheduled, imported or published.
As I started using the new post window, I was struck by how the toolbar did not receive any updating.  Another thing that I noticed almost immediately when I was writing this post was the inability to resize the new post window.  If you are like me that you have the window not full then, it scrolls sideways while you are writing and you can’t view everything that you have written.
New post window

I was a little disappointed that you couldn’t simply “grab” the corners to adjust the image size – oh well a future update wish.  It seems that they focused on the overall user interface, but did not really update the blog writer.  This was one of the things that is most important to me and I would have liked to see more of an update in this area.  I am hoping that the paragraph spacing problems that were prevalent in the previous version have been rectified (I will find out when I publish this post).

With the exception of the blogwriter portion of Blogger in Draft, I really, really like the updated U/I. It is cleaner visually and my first impression is that the commands are located more logically and are more usable.  You can definitely see the work that the Blogger in Draft designers and code people have done with the update.

I can honestly say that I like it.

FCC Disclaimer:  I have not received any compensation to write this review, they are simply my thoughts on something that I use.

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