Feeling We Have to Post Our Property

All homeowners who live in the country have to make a decision to post or not post their property.  In other words do you want to let people use your property or not – to hunt, fish, hike and those other things many of us love to do outdoors.In the past we have half-heartedly posted our property, because we don’t have any real recreational stuff to do on it other than hunting and just wanted people to ask for permission before they went ahead did it anyway.

However, over the past few years a 12 houses have gone up with 2 more coming in the development across the street and the neighbors down the road have their house under contract to sell.  Also the abutting neighbor with a right away on one end of the property left a bunch of cuttings (leavings) from when they got firewood last winter on our side of the right away.

Due to all of those factors, we decided to actually post our 8 acres, more to remind others of where the property lines are then to keep people out. If someone wants permission to hunt or hike our land, it is not a problem (just leave my tree stand alone), just ask us first – which is what we would do.

Property line up the road where house is being sold. Corner of their garage in picture.

Down the road property line.  The neighbor’s house in the background did not leave the cuttings.
Those are three of the four corners of our property.  The fourth is in the swamp on the Northwest corner of the property and I sure as hell wasn’t wading in there to mark that corner (between the mosquitoes, horseflies and swamp water).  That is a job that I will get to this winter on snow shoes.

I really feel bad about posting our property, but I would prefer to let all the new neighbors know the property lines now and gently remind older neighbors of where the lines are.  We don’t mind people using our property, we just don’t want them too mistakenly believe where the property lines are or accidentally cutting down trees that we prefer to remain standing or that I plan to take for firewood.

Posting is one of those decisions that land owners do have to make, now that I have done it I wonder what kind of feedback I get from the neighbors :-).

4 thoughts on “Feeling We Have to Post Our Property

  1. Posting your property, or fencing it off completely, is an unfortunate necessity of modern life. Most folks see "open space" and assume it is OK for them to trespass. I have a neighbor whose children were riding four-wheelers across my property. When I walked over to ask him to have his children stop, he took offense. He equated it with us riding horses on the open space. What he does not know is that we asked for and received permission from all property owners of the open space around us for horseback riding. I have since fenced off my whole 11 acres.Many of my neighbors have had to resort to numerous "No Trespassing" signs and purple paint on the tops of fence posts. Even folks on smaller lots are having trouble with trespassers. My neighbor who owns a large parcel and a horse barn has had people on four-wheelers cut her fences numerous times just to get through.I've had to resort to the old saying, "Good fences make good neighbors."


  2. It seems that many people don't respect other people's property and it is not just a local problem, it seems to be where ever I have lived, but has gotten a lot worse over the past 10 years. Hopefully I never have to fence my 8 acres, but now that I am home most everyday (semi-retired) it will be less of a problem, especially once I start putting trails into my woods. Thanks for commenting 🙂


  3. As one of the "new neighbors", and an attorney, I have no problem with you posting your land… it is after all yours, and private ownership of property and the right to exclude others is one of the cornerstones of modern English – and American common law. As you state, you are not putting up a fence, just a gentle reminder of where the lines are. I fear however that you will never see a return to Philbrick Road being as it was when you moved there 11 years ago. There is simply too much development, and more planned. I sincerely hope that all concerned,"old timers" and "newcomers" alike can forge ahead as neighbors… I like the idea of a small "community" at the top of the hill, but am ashamed to admit that I know too few of my neighbors to be considered "neighborly". If you and Bennie were not out walking all the time (and a great source of wonder and interest for my dogs), I would not know you at all. By the way, we don't post our land, and my wife hunts with permission on the acres of undeveloped (so far)surrounding land between here and Middle Road, and you are always welcome to use any of our land as well… neighbor!Bryan Ward25 Howard Circle


  4. Bryan – Thank you for taking the time to first read and then comment here. :-)I am glad that you understand about posting the land…I would prefer to leave it without the signs and will probably as the signs fade away, let them fade way – at least that is my hope. They are there as more as reminders than get or stay away.I know that the old Philbrick Rd is gone, the old dirt road has been tarred, many new houses have been built, trees and trails are gone, it is different, but it is what it is. Perhaps I would have preferred something different, but with Sidney being a bedroom community of Waterville and Augusta development has and will continue to happen. It is part of where we live and hopefully you love living in the neighborhood, because it is a nice place.I appreciate your offer and if you and wife want to go wandering around in some swamp land, I have some to offer. Lots of blackflies, horseflies and mud. I do look at the development as an opportunity to meet new people also. That is one of the reasons that we walk Bennie so much, other than the fact that he is a Jack Russell. We do get a chance to say hi to our neighbors and be nosy about what's going on without seeming to be too nosy. By the way Bennie doesn't quite know how to react to the "big" dogs, he wants to play, but then gets "small dog" itus, that is why we don't stop for long and gab. If you ever need a place to shoot a bow, have a small archery range setup out back, as long as the mosquitoes don't carry you away.Isn't the Internet and blogging funny, we have spoken more in this arena than we have in the past six months, yet we live so close. Guess we have to talk in "real time" too, we might have more in common than we think.Harold


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