Great Hike – Messalonskee Stream Trail 7-4-11

What a GREAT day for a hike!

Today Mary and I went for a hike over at the Messalonskee Stream Trail. It is considered a “moderate” trail and is one that we have hiked several times. Before I hurt my knee, this was one of my primary trail running runs – Not too difficult, but tough enough that you had to pay attention. It is relatively short 3.0 mile out and back trail.

Bennie and I just after the first bridge.

The view from the second picnic table looking out over Messalonskee Stream.

Bennie and I on the trail 7-4-11

Looking across Messalonskee Stream at the point.

A mushroom that Mary found interesting.

One of my favorite portions of the trail.

We made it the whole way without any problems, my knee was tired at the end of the hike, but didn’t swell up too much. This is the kind of walking that I need to do more of, it causes me to change my stride, balance, lift my legs and with Bennie pulling on me all the really makes me work on lots of the things that we take for granted before an injury.

Great hike!