RunLog 7/3/11 – Amazing Run

Sunday// The best run of the year so far, so of course, I didn’t start the timer one my watch. Ah well the best laid plans, it is just as well that I didn’t get how fast I went, but after the first 100 yards or so, I felt smoother than I have all year and my knee didn’t hardly bother.I didn’t feel nearly as winded going up the inclines (I don’t call them hills) and best of all it didn’t feel like a labor to run.

Those are the days we live for, when things don’t hurt too badly, when the breathing is actually synced with the running – it felt great to be running again.
Best part was when I could breath normally again after I stopped, my knee didn’t hurt at all!!!
Making progress and moving the dial, now to shut the pie-hole and start getting rid of the lardage.

Running Summary


Time of Day: 11:15 A.M.
Course: Philbrick Rd-Howard Circle O/B
Town:  Sidney, ME.
Distance: 1.0
Time: NT Unfortunately
Week’s Total: 6.0 Miles
Month To Date: 3.0 Miles
Year To Date: 15.0 Miles
Total Days Run this year: 16
Current Streak: 4
Shoe:  Nike Dual Fusion St – 14.0
Weight: 188 – Too much strawberry-rhubarb pie 🙂