June 20111 – Running Summary

Well the biggest thing is that I have started running again!!!!
That to me is a major milestone and accomplishment.
 June 15th is an anniversary date for me.  I wonder what kind of progress I will have made on June 15, 2012?  I hope it is pretty incredible!

June Running Summary

June miles run: 12.0 Miles
Year To Date: 12.0 Miles
Days run June:  13
Total Days Run 2011: 13
Shoe:  Nike Dual Fusion St – 11.0
Shoes Retired: None
What hurts:  So far only my right knee but that is to be expected, arthroscopic surgery was on May 17th.  Physical Therapy is over and now it is up to me to keep in shape.
Here is to a injury free month of July and hopefully, I can be smart about my running and eventually be able to run the Middle Road Loop without stopping before snow flies.  :)I don’t plan on any racing this year, just building up my base, but next year, well we will see.