Google Calendar’s New Look

This afternoon I noticed that Google had changed how my calendar looked. At first I didn’t like it at all. I guess it was more the shock of the change than anything. However, instead of automatically going back to the “classic” view, I decided to give the new look a try, while I was doing some work on updating my calendar.

The new view:

The Classic view:

As I got more used to it, I actually began to like it better than the old calendar view. The lines are cleaner, it doesn’t seem as busy and is more in keeping with the direction of keeping things more simple that I seem to be headed.

I still don’t like that Google has changes that “suddenly” appear in their web applications, without a quick notice warning you of the update before you hit the site – except in the header of the page you have already opened.

It is rather disconcerting to open “your” application and it looks completely different than it did the last time you were on it. I suppose that we will have this same experience with Mail, Docs and some other Google applications, so get ready for when it does happen.

In my opinion it is a positive change, now if they would allow me to change the primary color scheme to meet my wants/needs I would be even happier – I am just not a gray person.