What do YOU want to write about on YOUR blog?

What do YOU want to write about on YOUR blog?

Others who may or may not be “expert” bloggers (whatever your definition of an expert blogger is) offer suggestions, strategies, ideas and some even attempt to come up with “rules” (that fit their idea of what blogging should be) about how or what YOU should write on YOUR blog.

When you read those other blogs does it get confusing or even rather intimidating due to the many different messages being sent out there about blogging, by the multitude of bloggers each trying to get market share for their blogs.

Have we gotten so caught up reading all the great posts, with all their fantastic ideas that we could use to improve our blog (and there are some really great ideas out there) or the idea that “you too can make money blogging” or “see how great I am” blogger. Those who continually reminds you that they have so many followers that they must have all of the answers about “how to” blog correctly. In addition to all the other “help” that is out there to make you be a better blogger according to “their” ideas of what blogging is.

Do we pay so much attention to how others blog or want us to blog, that we loose track of the reason(s) many of us began blogging in the first place. How many bloggers have stopped blogging due to this attitude that seems to be too prevalent in the blogosphere? Too many I think.

How often do we loose our own voice or style in order to adapt to someone else’s way of doing something, even though we don’t feel comfortable blogging that way. It just isn’t who we are, but we do it anyway because it was successful for someone else?

Am I bashing the bloggers and their blogs who’s blogging niche is blogging – hell no. I have learned a great deal from some of those “experts” and some who are not considered expert. Yes, I have advertising on my site and if someone wants to give me money to write on my blog or elsewhere I will take it, if their writing needs, meet my standards, ability and interests. I have used their suggestions to help “grow” my blog.

At the same time I have also listened to and tried: suggestions, ideas, focus/niche, monetization and other solutions that didn’t work for me because they were not who I am or the direction that I seem to be going.

I have forgotten that One Foot In Reality is my blog and that I get to choose what I want to write about or what is or is not my blog’s focus or niche.  My blog is not dependent upon what the “experts” consider to be the “right” way to blog – who knows maybe my way will work best for me and my expectations of what blogging should be.

How many of you have also allowed yourselves to be manipulated to change how you blog to meet other people’s or the so-called experts’ expectations of what blogging is? Instead of writing what and/or how you want to write on YOUR blog.

So what do you want to write about on YOUR blog?

After all it is YOUR blog and you can make YOUR own choices on the content YOU put there.


Downsizing My Bookcase

There I can cross off one of my Summer ToDo list items – cleaning my bedroom book case. Over the past year we have been going to local book sales, book stores (new and used) and I have been accumulating books, but while school was in session I didn’t get a chance to read many of them and they just stayed there collecting dust.

When I started bringing home my books from school, I had books piles on the floor, my dresser, by my desk, on the table and you know who was starting to get concerned about the mess that this accumulation of was starting to look like around the house. We are both sort of neat freaks – her more than me though.

Those are all of the books that were in the bookcase, this is a queen-sized water bed frame and it is almost filled with books.


Which books I want to keep:

1. Books I haven’t read
2. Books I have read and will read again
3. Books that are part of a series
4. Books by an author that I really like
5. One of a kinds that I liked
6. Resource books

What was I going to get rid of:

1. Books that I have read and wouldn’t read again
2. Books that I bought because they sounded interesting, but when I started them they weren’t very good.
3. Books that are no longer current or applicable.

There were about 50 books in this pile on the floor that went to the local Humane Society book sale last weekend.

I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of all the books that I didn’t want in the bookcase, so I boxed up about 20 and brought them out back of the garage for storage on top of the trunk already full of books that I brought out to storage last summer.

There are several bags of books in this full sized chest. Now I have to think about going through this trunk and those in box on top of it again, some rainy day to see what else I can get rid of.

Who knows maybe I can go through my bedroom bookcase one more time and weed out a another 20-30 books, but if you look closely to the right hand side of the bookcase you will see about 60 books that I haven’t read yet, sitting on the floor.


One thing is for sure I will always have something to read. The bookcase and the rest of the house looks a lot neater now and you know who is not giving me the “when are you going to pick up your mess” look. 🙂

This is just the start of my downsizing efforts. I have a feeling that there will be rounds 2 and 3 over the course of the summer, where I take an even closer look at what I want to keep and what to get rid of.

Books have a special place in my heart, they take me places that I will never go or have taught me something that I will never forget and it is hard to get rid of any of them. As I try to simplify and downsize, this is one of those things that I have to get better at – letting go of what I no longer need.

However, I am going to do this downsizing and moving to a more minimalist life style, in stages, not all at once and then regret getting rid of something that I should have kept.

I know that I own the books that I kept, where I am not really as sure about the eBooks that I have bought, there are still some questions about that issue, that have to be answered before I change more of my purchases to eBooks. But that is a different post.