Fare Thee Well – LJHS

Today was my last day at Lawrence Junior High School.I finished up the filing that I had left to do, put the pile of papers that needed to be shredded in the bin, attended my last staff meeting and said my goodbyes/see you laters. I was going to write this post as my last action at LJHS, but when I came back to my room, I was too emotionally drained to do it then.

I just needed to leave the building and move on to the next chapter in my life. Instead of boring you to tears with my thoughts about today,

The infamous one-button bandit. I think that I gambled more money away in that machine without getting my coffee, then I have on lottery tickets. Once in a while though it would actually work and then I had to drink the stuff. Not the best coffee in the world, but it did give me an excuse to get out of the room, check my school mail box and get back a little bit of sanity on some really tough days. So in the end it was worth all the money gambled away on the coffee machine.

My last view of Lawrence Junior High School before I got in my Subaru and drove away.

I looked back at the window that I looked out of so many days over the past couple of years. The one right at the end of the white awning, second floor.As I turned and walked towards my car, there were some conflicting emotions, about the people that I would miss, the great relationships that we had created and the people/students that I would probably never see again.

However, throughout this whole day, I never once questioned whether I was doing the right thing or not. I knew deep inside me that I was doing the right thing.So goodbye Lawrence Junior High School. I wish the staff and students there nothing but the best and hope that the efforts that you discussed this morning have a positive affect on the school next year and the years after that.

This is the welcome sign Mrs. Brawn made at the start of the year for us to put on our door.  She also  made one for each student in our homeroom (I noticed more than a couple of the 8th graders taking theirs with them when they left). One of my students dared me to put it on my face and let him take a picture of me acting silly one last time.

Thank you Mrs. Brawn – you have, are and will continue to make a positive difference in your (our) student’s lives. I will miss your smile, our talks and your enthusiasm. I wish you well. Just don’t climb on top of the bookcases anymore – okay 😉

Fare Thee Well – LJHS

“Are you doing the right thing for the right reason.”