Will Apple’s Updates Limit Choice?

With all the focus on iCloud, the greatness of Lion, and IOS5 by the media, blogosphere and elsewhere. Are there any negatives?

I wonder with Apple’s penchant for wanting control of “their” devices/hardware, how long Apple will continue to support .dmg files and then eventually require all Mac users to go through the Mac App store to get software for their Macs.  Sort of like how they are requiring people who want to update to Lion or get Apps for their iPad/iPhone/iTouch?

If it does:

  • Will this concern too many of us who love Apple products.
  • What will happen to the software developed in the “wild” that doesn’t meet Apple’s standards?
  • Will it narrow the software that users have access to?
  • Will our Macs become more “standard” and only have “approved” software allowed?
  • Will you have to jailbreak your new Mac (or your old one with a new OS) in a few years to use non-approved Apple software on your Mac?
  • Will most users notice?
  • Will they or you care?
There is another way to look at it and changing to that philosophy is a good in some ways:

  • one stop shopping
  • better security
  • better software
  • easier updates

I do like to try out new or different software offerings than what is approved for use.  Sometimes there is software that does the same thing as something I already have, especially if they have a trial period, which the Mac App store does not have and I want to try it out. What happens if as I predict it might – that Apple will some day disable users the ability to add software directly to your Mac without going through the Mac App store?

Will we loose some of the independent software developed by individuals, that has a place on our computers, but who do not want to go through the approval process for their software.

Does Apple limiting how they distributes their Operating System update concern you or is it just a sign of things to come?
I guess this is the wave of the future for the big operating systems, but it just seems as though it is a bit too much “big brother” for me.  I hope I am wrong in my prediction, but…

“Are you doing the right thing for the right reasons?”

This work by Harold Shaw, Jr. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.