The Week in Review – Jun 5, 2011

Bennie & I – UMA hike 6/4/11

This was actually a pretty good week.  I turned in my resignation and decided to go into semi-retirement, got all my standardized testing done for the year and made a lot of decisions that will simplify my/our life as we move into a different stage of our lives.

We still have a couple weeks of school until summer break begins, the student’s last day will be the 16th (they are soooooooooo ready) and the teachers’ last day will either be the 17th or the 20th.  I have a feeling it will be the 20th, but whatever day it is will be my last day in room 220 at LJHS.

Then I really have to start thinking about what I want to do and write about here at One Foot In Reality. This decision has caused me a lot of tossing and turning.

So there will be some searching and posts that don’t seem to fit what I have written about in the past as I search for One Foot In Reality’s next niche.  I had seriously thought about starting another blog or renewing one of my old one’s, but the reality is that as we go through our life’s stages we change our focus and our personal blogs should be a reflection of those changes.  Maybe the Muse will take notice and provide some guidance.

While going through the lead-up to my decision to resign/semi-retire, I found it very interesting and helpful to go back and read these weekly wrap-ups and many other posts.

Those posts gave me a different perspective of what I was thinking, than what I remembered at times.  They were invaluable when it came down to making my choice, because they held my actual perspectives, not the “remembered” ones.  Looking back I was surprised at many of the things that I had written and how negative they were at times.  I didn’t realize this, until going back through those posts, that subconsciously I was preparing myself for this choice a while ago.

Do you ever go back and re-read what you wrote about 2-3 years or even last year ago?

Maybe you should, it can be very interesting and they may provide you insights to where you need to be going instead of where you are going.

Recovery from the knee surgery a few weeks ago is going extremely well.  I started physical therapy on Thursday and am walking without a limp and going up stairs pretty much pain free.  The knee is still pretty week and swells up when I do too much (me do too much – not me).

My top 5 posts from this week:

  1. Mobile Me Review
  2. Did Progressive Education do Too Good a Job?
  3. Retiring or Resigning Teachers Need to Leave Their School Behind
  4. Evernote Review

Bonus picks – The Decision Has Been Made & I Got to the Crossroads and Made My Choice

Am I comfortable with my decision to semi-retire?  Absolutely, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it.

Yes I was invited back to teach another year – in answer to some of you who may have thought otherwise.  It is simply the right time for me to leave and enjoy the company of my wife.

Do I have to work?  Probably a little, to help pay the taxes and so we can keep up with a few toys, hiking shoes and hopefully several new pair of running shoes over the next few years.

So if you are in the Central Maine area and need some extra help part-time and are willing to pay a bit, I am available after June 20th.  😉

Now to just get to June 20th.