Week in Review – May 29, 2011

Right knee-joint. Posterior view.Image via Wikipedia

I made it through the week!!!

It was the first week back after having knee surgery.  I had my regular schedule, plus three IEPT meetings ended up happening consecutively due to circumstances beyond my control.

Needless to say when I got home on Friday, I was burnt toast, I could only sit in my chair and “babble”. But really when I got home Friday night was exhausted, it had been a long week, but I had made it through.

The knee is feeling a lot better, but I still have a recovery period to go through (in other words – yes it still hurts and I can’t do everything I want yet), but the Doc said that I don’t have to use crutches or a cane and I start physical therapy next Thursday.  Looking forward to it, but knowing that it is going to be shall we say uncomfortable :-).

My top post according to page views for the week.

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  10. Memorial Day – Do You Remember

Next week should be a pretty good week, but the students are getting restless with just over 2 weeks left of school.

“Are you doing the right thing for the right reason.”