Memorial Day – Do You Remember

Flags that were placed on gravesites at Fort L...Image via Wikipedia

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend and it has become the unofficial start to the summer season.  It is the weekend where many will go to the beach, have barbecues, get drunk off their asses and not really know why they have the extra day off to sleep in and party.

Yes I know that I am only a teacher and to many out there, what I am going to say might not mean a whole hell of a lot.

But I am also a retired Coast Guard Chief Warrant Officer, who proudly served and who has lost friends in service to this Country.

The United States is presently at war and while it does not affect many of you, because it is happening someplace else, these wars are affecting many families in our Country today.  Soldiers, Sailors and Marines continue to sacrifice their lives (they are being killed or maimed) in service to our Country, so that we may continue to enjoy the freedoms, that most U.S. citizens take for granted as their right and don’t think about the sacrifices that are needed daily to defend those freedoms.

Being a free Country, does not mean that those freedoms come cheaply, sometimes too many forget the costs and only enjoy the freedoms.

Below is a video of why Memorial Day was created

If the below doesn’t make you stop for a moment and think and possibly shed a tear, I feel sorry for you.

I did shed a tear in front of my classes on Thursday when I showed these to teach them that Memorial was more than a day off from school.

Memorial Day has also become the day to remember and honor loved ones who have died and to go and clean up their grave sites.  Today that is our plan to go to our relatives grave sites to clean them up, plant flowers and honor their memories.

The reality is that
far too many have forgotten what has been sacrificed so that we can enjoy the peace and prosperity that American has today.  People have been killed, are being killed and will be killed to protect this Country from all enemies foreign and domestic.  Taking the time to remember and honor those who have died for our freedoms is the right thing to do.

On Monday take time out of your partying and living your life, to pay tribute to those who have fallen and will fall in service to our Country, so that you can live your life the way that you choose.

If you cannot do that, at least take a moment to remember your own dead and honor their memory.

“Are you doing the right thing for the right reason?”