The Rapture and My Week In Review May 22, 2011

I am still here, so like many others I guess the predicted rapture didn’t apply to me either. I did have to chuckle about how much press and publicity this whole thing generated. Unfortunately, the end of the world has probably been predicted since “man” has been able to communicate by a charismatic leader and everytime it seems a certain segment of the population falls for it.

Eventually one of these predictions will be close to the actual date and our world will end, not because of the prediction, but because something has happened close to the date that was predicted. Until then, we just need to live each day the best we can, without stressing too much over events that we can’t control.

The only thing that this rapture scare might do is make you think more about how you have lived your life to this point and whether you are satisfied with where you have been and the direction you are going. If this rapture scare/hoax does that than something positive will come out of it. Otherwise it just created unnecessary stress and press for many people.

My week in review – one topic really dominated my week, having Arthroscopic knee surgery on Tuesday. Luckily that was all the Doc had to do. I will find out what he actually did next Thursday during my check-up visit, I was in too much of a medication induced haze to figure out what he was saying to me that day other than he thought it was successful. My work did send flowers and a get well card, which was kind of cool – never got flowers before.

The bad part of the recovery process was that I had an adverse reaction to the medication I was taking and felt really sick for a couple of days until we figured out what the problem was. So I was a hurting puppy for a few days, but I am happy to note that I now have my brains back (off the medication), I am able to move around fairly well on my crutches (just don’t have a lot of stamina yet) and I head back to school tomorrow.

My top 5 in review:

  1. Mobile Me Review
  2. What do I Want as a Teacher?
  4. Evernote Review
  5. Evernote as a Task Manager

No real surprises except for number 2, the others are all long term members of my top 5.

Now to get back into school mode, I have to get ready for 3 IEPTs, a Common District Assessment, whatever else comes up this week and cleanup after the 4 days of substitutes while I was out.

“Are you doing the right thing for the right reason.”