Recovery Mode

Typical locations of arthroscopic surgery inci...Image via Wikipedia

The knee surgery went really well. No the picture is not of my knee, but it sure does look the same (except mine is about twice as big – a lot more swelling).

I got to the hospital at 7:30 on Tuesday and was out of there by 12:30.  The Doc went in, cleaned out some stuff, without leaving anything more than 2 small incisions. I was worried that I was going to have that long scar to remind me of this operation.

We had to change the dressing today and everything looked really good, no extra seepage and no weird smells. The only problem that I have had, was feeling really nauseous ever since I got home.  So I stopped taking the heavy duty pain medication after this morning’s dose.  Around 4:30 this afternoon I got extremely sick. After that I started feeling better and have actually been able to focus – enough so that I can write this post.

I think that I will handle the pain and be fine with just Tylenol.

Now to get start getting ready for school next week and my first follow-up appointment with the doc.  I want to be able to simply walk in to his office, but I have a feeling that I will still be on my arch-enemy…crutches.  I do hate them, but if they help me heal faster, I guess I have to use them – besides my better half is insisting on my using them :-), I have learned not to argue too much with her.

Now in my medication induced haze on Tuesday, I seem to remember before he left that the Doc said I might be able to run on flat surfaces if I go through rehab diligently.  Only one small problem, I live in Maine and most everywhere that I run, there are hills.  Oh well, I will cross that bridge when I get to it and I will get to it, it is something to shoot for.

So here is being able to walk soon without crutches or a cane.

“Are you doing the right thing for the right reason.”