I am Not Writing Tonight

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I have all of these great blog ideas and a new blog that is about 85% where I want it, yet tonight I don’t have the focus to write much of anything. My thoughts are somewhere else.

Tomorrow I will be doing something that almost everyone who is over 50 has faced or will face – surgery.  It seems as thought aging provides us many more opportunities to get to know those specialists who are good with scalpels, whatever their specialty.

No this surgery isn’t anything life threatening – the Doc is going in and seeing how bad the damage is in my knee and repair whatever he is able to. It seems whether it is from playing sports, working around the house or while on a hike, it happens – you will more than likely do something to your body, so that a “doc” gets to have fun with it.  I have been very lucky throughout my life, most of the injuries I have had in the past were the type that only needed time to get better.

This time, time wasn’t enough.  The doc wanted to do this last September and I chose to wait hoping that it would get better. When I had to back to see him earlier this month, when he told me that I still needed surgery and he recommended doing it now, instead of arguing or trying to find a different way, I agreed with him this time. I knew it wasn’t getting better and felt a lot worse than it did in September.

I know intellectually that having knee surgery and many other types surgery are now almost routine. However, this is my first surgery (I don’t count the big “v”), where I am being put under and yes I am a little scared. There I admitted it, I am a bit scared.

Am I being wimpy?  I don’t want to think so, but this is something I have never personally done before. I want to think it is more a fear of the unknown more than anything else.

What do you think?

How did you handle your first surgery?

I know that I just want to get tomorrow over with and get on with the recovery and rehabilitation phase of this part of my life.

3 thoughts on “I am Not Writing Tonight

  1. Good luck on the surgery. I've had knee surgery twice (after years of abuse from high school wrestling, Air Force ROTC, Martial Arts, and then 22 years as a paramedic). Everything went well both times and I was much better off afterwards. Take care


  2. Dave thank you for commenting. The surgery went well, recovery/rehab is going okay, found out that I am still allergic to some meds, but overall everything was better — easier than I thought it would be. Thanks for the encouragement.Harold


  3. I wasn't aware they did surgery just for the sake of seeing what's up. For some vague reason, I thought it was only done for knee replacements thinking naively they could tell all from the outside. Just getting to that age where it looks like it may be happening any year now. It is good to hear you are doing well!


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