Blogger is Back and We Over-reacted

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Blogger is back.  The past couple of days Blogger has been down and this has caused waves across the Blogosphere and other places about the dangers of Cloud computing and the negative things that can happen if you rely on it too much.
The fact that Blogger was down was an inconvenience for those of us who use their service, it meant that our Stats might be a bit lower, which might affect some users more than others. However, many Blogger sites were available in “read-only” mode, so most readers were still able to access prior posts and we were still getting “hits”. However, we couldn’t post new material during this outage, which peeved some, more than it actually affected them.

This outage did cause many over-reactions to what occurred, compared to the level of stability that Blogger generally has. Maybe out lack of patience about something is saying other things about us? I even thought a little bit more about a self-hosted blog, which has its own headaches that I really don’t want to go through again. Then my friend Richard Byrne reminded me on Twitter that “you could have the same problems being self-hosted” and I will add or worse (been there, done that) see my post from June 2009 for more information.
“Shit happens” with any service or hardware you use or own, no matter which one it is and Blogger had one of those “shit happens” time periods yesterday and today. Yeah it sucks, it is nerve wracking when you can’t access or add to your blog, but it wasn’t the end of the world.
Blogger has been talking about rolling out a redesign of their product as they discussed in their Blogger Redesigned post back on April 19th and I would like to believe that part of the reason for the disruption of service was their efforts to bring us a better product and something didn’t work right.  However, according to Blogger Buzz the outage wasn’t part of this redesign effort and was a data corruption issue.

After all of wailing and gnashing of teeth that I heard the past two days, from my perspective Cloud computing is not the end all to end, but it is still the future of computing.

Less and less data is and will be stored locally on our computers and will be in the Cloud. This does not mean that we shouldn’t use common sense when it comes to storing and backing up our own data.  Failures will happen whether it be with a hard drive on your personal computer (where 90% of the people would be without their computer for at least a few days and will have lost a great deal of their data) or with Cloud-based services like Blogger.

We need to use a combination or a “hybrid” system of protecting our data and having it in more than one area or service both online and using your local resources.  If you use Blogger to write your posts/columns then you need to find alternatives for when this happens next and be able to publish when the system returns.
For Windows users I would recommend Window Live Writer as a blog writer and for Macs I have had really great luck with Mars Edit.  Both allow you create content off-line and publish later. They both are desktop based software.
So come on people get real, Blogger is basically a free service provided by Google.  We make the choice to use it or not especially after we have been blogging for a while.  If you think that something like this couldn’t happen to another service, I wish you luck.  Personally, I will stay with Blogger and not worry about the back-end issues that having a self-hosted blog requires.

Blogger in my opinion is a cost effective alternative to other blogging services out there.  As they say the grass is not always greener on the other side.

FTC Disclaimer:  No Google didn’t get me to write this and I didn’t get any money or other form of reimbursement as a result of this post.