Where Were the Newspapers for a Great Story

I have to ask who willingly gives up their weekend to go do something related to your profession, especially when you are not getting paid for it? The educators who attended EdCamp Boston this weekend – that’s who.


Saturday May 7th, I got to attend an event where approximately 200 educators did just that. An event to help improve themselves as teachers on their own time and dime. That was the big thing that really stuck out in my mind when I was at EdCamp Boston yesterday. It was extremely amazing to me that there were so many dedicated educators (both teachers and admins) who voluntarily gave up half of their weekend to attend a professional development opportunity that does not count for re-certification or other credit to simply learn more from each other about teaching.

As Patrick Larkin alias @BHSPrincipal stated:

“Personally, I don’t know too many professions where 200 members of the field would give up their Saturday, for no monetary reward, just to share best practice.”

Personally, I don’t know of too many other professions either, that would have this many people show up simply to provide (for free) and receive more training on their chosen profession without being compensated. In most professions it is expected that professional development related to your work are done during the work week and participants expect to be paid for attending profession related training.

The other thing is EdCamp Boston is not the first and was simply one of the EdCamp phenomena that has happened throughout the Country over the past year and there are several more planned for other areas over the summer.

I believe that this Edcamp phenomena really shows that there are many more dedicated professional educators than people realize or want to admit, who really do care about education and becoming better educators. Then they go out and prove it by attending these EdCamp professional development opportunities that are put on by other educators.

These are deeds and actions by educators to improve as teaching professionals, not rhetoric or empty promises.

The only disappointment I had was that there were no reporters from the Boston Papers to “report” on this group of dedicated professional educators, who took time out of their weekend to become better teachers.  With all of the negativity that Teachers have received over the past year from the press, it would have been nice to them to see and report on something that was positive in Education. That is news isn’t it? Isn’t that what the public wants to hear that teachers are doing something to improve education? I would like to believe that they would.

But you know something – in my opinion Edcamp Bostons was simply one of many positive things that happen almost everyday in education. That unfortunately get swept under the carpet or is it that there are some people who don’t want others to hear about the good things that happen in public education and about the efforts of teachers to improve their professional abilities.

Perhaps If more stories like this were to be reported on and publicized more it might help change the negative image that is being touted by the media and show others that America’s education system and its teachers are not nearly as bad some would have the public believe.

Thank you again to the organizers and participants at Edcamp Boston, you are doing great things to help improve education for students in our schools.


One thought on “Where Were the Newspapers for a Great Story

  1. Please – any of the organizers or anyone attending the Edcamp Boston who took this post as a negative it wasn't written with that in mind. It was written as a commentary on how poorly the press has treated teachers and public education and generally ignore events that could put education and teachers in a positive light.This is not to put you down in any way what soever or point out anything anyone did wrong, because you didn't. If anyone got that idea or message you are wrong! I thought everyone did a great job and I enjoyed EdCamp Boston more than you will know!!!!Harold


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