Starting to Figure Focus Out

Sometimes life is pretty strange. I have been floundering with my blogging identity for sometime now and looking back “One Foot In Reality” readers have been trying to tell me what I should be focusing on here for the past three months, but I have not been listening or paying close enough attention to what they are saying.

Consistently over the past few months 7 or 8 of my top 10 posts for per week have been related to productivity and technology reviews. But I have continued to attempt to make “One Foot In Reality” more than blog what it is has become – a productivity/technology focused blog, by pushing education or other personal commentary that dilutes the focus of my blog.

This was really driven home last night when I participated in #blogchat for the first time in over a year and a half. There was a before and after conversations about focusing your product and then this morning in my feed I read this blog Day 2: Refine Your Blog’s Niche | Blogging for Branding from Rosetta Thurman’s 21 Days to a Better Business Blog series. Although I am not actively participating in the challenge, I am reading the entries and taking a good look at what is being written.

Does this mean I am trying to go “Pro”, not really. However, I do want to improve my blog as much as I can and I am trying to take the time to do a few things better than I have in the past! It does mean that “One Foot In Reality” has been given its focus by my readers, that I am starting to listen and that I am not going to do the shotgun approach to blogging here like I have previously.

It does mean that my blog “My Thoughts”  will become where I talk about educationally related issues and blog posts.

I just have to remember Focus, Focus, Focus

“One Foot In Reality” is still a personal blog, but now one that has a focus.  I wonder if I can grow it from here? Notice I haven’t used the word brand yet, just not ready to cross that threshold yet.

“Are you doing the right thing for the right reason.”