Nook Color – Review Four Months Later

Back in January, I wrote about my wife’s Christmas present – a Nook Color and discussed how much we liked it then.

I Can’t Get to Use It

I had planned to do an update review a lot sooner than this, but unfortunately I have not been able to get my hands on my wife’s Nook Color to use it enough myself to update my review of it. I really don’t have a lot of time on her Nook myself and am relying on watching my wife’s experiences and listening to her comments about it. I probably won’t got to spend too much time on her’s and unless we go out and buy one for me. I am simply the tech that gets called when she needs to figure out the Barnes & Noble to PC or Nook to PC issues.

Learning Curve

While there is a learning curve to using the Nook, it is not very steep. My wife learned how to use the Nook with very little input from me (at her work she was considered the go to tech person before she retired), so it is intuitive to use after you use it for a little while. When I have been able to touch it, I found it very easy to use and the touch screen very responsive.


My wife is a prolific reader who goes through 4-7 books a week, so her Nook Color has had several hours of reading time on it since January.  From looking at her reading habits she has gone from someone who hated reading eBooks on the computer to reading over 50% of what she reads on the Nook. One of the concerns that we had was how the Nook Color would be on her eyes, she is on it 3-6 hours a day with no negative effects. She loves the portability and that she doesn’t have to “hold” the book open and turns the page with just a flick. That is a huge paradigm shift for someone who said that she wasn’t sure if she would like an “electronic” book, when we discussed getting it for her for Christmas. I found images very sharp and clear and the words were easy to read.

Book Lending

One of the things that she had to learn was the process for lending books from the Maine State Library. It is just cheaper to borrow a book than having to buy one all the time and it a lot more convenient (especially during the winter) to have a book delivered electronically than driving to the library.  At first it was a bit of a convoluted process to learn and we had to download Adobe Digital Editions for the PC, but now that she has the process down cold, she has borrowed several books from the Library and is on the waiting list for several others.


Besides reading, she is beginning to use her Nook to search for stuff on the Internet and plays games like Sudoko on it. As she becomes more and more familiar with the Nook, she is using it for other functions beyond it being only an eBook reader.


Some minor things that she has complained about is the actual battery life – which on her unit tops out at about 3 hours of straight reading before having to plugin or recharge. So the battery life is not as good as advertised, but is very acceptable.  Another thing about plugging in – the power cord is simply not that long and makes it inconvenient when you have to plugin.

You just have to remember if you have Barnes & Noble gift cards to activate them to your Nook account otherwise your purchases will be charged to your credit card, B&N doesn’t give the option when ordering a book to simply add in a gift card. We had some confusion on this issue at first and found out that you can only have three gift cards activated on your account at a time, which can be an inconvenience if you have received a lot of cards as gifts.

The Reality is that

My wife loves her Nook Color and one day soon when she isn’t around the house, I am going to sit down and really spend an afternoon playing around with it. So I can make some decisions this summer about whether I want or need one for myself or do I just stay with my MacBookPro (either way I win).
I thought with Mother’s Day coming up and Barnes & Noble new advertising campaign, that you might be interested in how my wife likes her Nook Color after using it for the past four months.

Final recommendation – she loves it.

4.5 out of 5

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