YES – I Can Do The Work

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I did a post on “Do The Work” and in it I touched upon some of the things that “Do The Work” made me stop and think about, because it did make me think. Especially about my writing and blogging experience and what I hope to accomplish in the future.

After reading the book and reviewing it, I have been doing a lot of reflection about what I read. Many parts of the book made me uncomfortable with myself.  “Do The Work” made me think of how I have almost purposely turned away from situations that could have potentially lead to some very successful opportunities, if I had been willing to “take the next step” or “do the work”.

Instead I have always stopped short of success, either:

  • I didn’t want it (whatever it was) bad enough or
  • I didn’t know why I wanted something.

These two questions are very important and need to be thought about clearly and answered before you go further along on any project or path you have chosen. I haven’t done that before, but I plan to from now on.

Looking back honestly, I can say that I have self-sabotaged myself all too often in many areas of my life, especially blogging. This is hard for me to say, I wanted to believe that the reason I have been a “blog butterfly” i.e. constantly changing blogs, blog hosts over the past 3 1/2 years and that these changes were done to learn all the different platforms out there.

When – if I am honest with myself, the real answer would be that I was being my own worst enemy.  Using Pressfield’s terminology I had allowed Resistance to get in my way and believed that I wasn’t good enough to get where or what I wanted – to be a writer and have a successful blog. I was always able to use the excuse this is a new blog, or I am trying something different this time, so I don’t have to worry about whether it could be considered successful or not and whether I was a writer or not.

To say that I have made mistakes would be an understatement, but I cannot change what I have done in the past, all I can do is look back at those mistakes and use them as learning opportunities, then look forward to what I can do differently in the future. I can do this now that I have acknowledged, what some others were seeing for myself, because I am now seeing it for myself.

Thank you Richard for being patient with me and now I know what you were trying to tell me, but I was too “thick headed” to understand.

So what can I do differently?  I have already started some things. After finishing the “Do The Work”, that night at around 11:00 P.M., I went ahead and looked back at “One Foot In Reality” which is my most successful blog to date, but which I had also decided to move away from earlier this month, for no good reason, other than Resistance was in control. I thought about what I didn’t like about One Foot In Reality and what I needed to do to bring it back to be my primary blog:

Problem 1. The theme – I have not been satisfied with the theme since I created it last August.

Solution: I searched the Internet and within 15 minutes had found one that I liked and with minimal work had it up and running on my blog. I still have some minor tweaking left to do on it, but the major parts of my blog theme are in place and I do like it. Almost a Karma thing.

Problem 2. Blogger Formatting – The difficulty getting any Blog editor/writer to format correctly to Blogger. The spacing between paragraphs is always screwed up and I get tired of spending needless time attempting to correct this simple formatting error – for some reason this just bothers the hell out of me.

Solution: Just be patient and not try use a different blog editor all the time, pick one and stay with it. So I picked Blogger’s stock editor because of the ease of integration with Zemanta and the “rumors” from Google that they have significantly changed/improved/updated Blogger and will be releasing those updates in the near future. In other words – let it go and stop sweating the small stuff.

Problem 3. Google Analytics – Never has worked correctly with One Foot In Reality (OFIR) and when I tried to fix it, nothing seemed to work right. It became less of an issue when Blogger came out with their Stats package, but still I wanted OFIR to work correctly with Google Analytics.

Solution: Figure out what I was doing wrong, which I did yesterday and this morning I was able to access those stats for OFIR using Google Analytics.  I just needed to do a little research and put what I learned into practice.

Problem 4 The Focus:  This is probably the most important thing that reading “Do The Work” showed me that I needed to clarify and answer why I felt uncomfortable blogging certain topics on One Foot In Reality. (Why I blog will be a different post sometime this week). I needed to figure out “What is the focus of my blog?” In other posts I have stated that I didn’t feel comfortable posting more personal ideas and that One Foot In Reality was my professional blog. Looking back, that was a bunch of crap and was just an excuse that I used to justify leaving One Foot In Reality.

When I think back to why I chose the name “One Foot In Reality” and my tagline “while the rest of me searches for a better way” was to focus on the reality in education, but since I created this blog I have changed and grown in different directions

Solution: I need to make “One Foot In Reality” flexible enough to write about what ever I want or need to write about. Therefore:

The focus of One Foot In Reality will be about my transformation as a person; the tools that I try or use; what I do for work or pleasure; my personal beliefs and how all these things can and do change.

I think that reading “Do The Work” was a paradigm shift for me, in regards to my future as a writer and blogger and will also make me look at some other parts of my life a bit differently than I have in the past. Thank you Steven Pressfield for making me think about my reactions to Resistance and how they have affected me, even though it was not an enjoyable ride, having to honestly look at things I have done in the past and not liking what I saw there.

By the way – I am becoming a writer and yes I will be improving in the craft I have chosen to participate in. Where it will take me I do not know as yet, but I know that I can “Do The Work” and that I will blog about it.