Mobile Me Review Update

Mobile Me

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Back on March 11th, I reviewed Apple’s Mobile Me and felt then that it was a niche application, that doesn’t really do anything that I can’t do with other web applications, for a lower annual cost. Over the past month I have seen nothing to change my opinion.

Since I wrote my original review, I have not really used Mobile Me all that much, it doesn’t do as much as I can do with my Google accounts and I found iWeb cumbersome and not intuitive to my way of doing things. I was unable to add the Mobile Me calendar to my class website and had to add new calendars to iCal which was an inconvenience, which meant that I would have had to change over other services that I had connected to iCal calendars, which I did not do.  Overall my experience was that Mobile Me, after you set it up did what it was supposed to do and the customer service from Apple was fantastic when I had to use it, but Mobile Me did not do everything that I wanted.

There are many rumors on the web that there are significant upgrades and changes coming to Mobile Me, including many that it will be free. However, they are not here yet and I am getting close to when my free trial period will end.

Based on what I have learned about Mobile since March, I decided that I would cancel my trial period early to make sure that I don’t forget to cancel and get charged $99.00 for something that I haven’t used enough to justify that cost.

Hopefully, the rumors of a free Mobile Me are true and that Apple has a lot of upgrades to iWeb and integrates with iWork. If they do those things then Mobile Me will be come something that I would take a second look at. Until then I will stay with Google in the Cloud and mostly Apple on the Desktop.






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