Why I Changed my Personal Blog

Why have I changed my personal blog to

“My Thoughts too″?

but I am keeping One Foot In Reality as my primary blog.

Over the past few months I have done a lot of reflection about my professional life and the direction of my online activities. Looking back I can see that I had focused too much of my time and attention to educationally related activities. It seemed if I was doing something, it was in some way related to education. To be blunt, I had allowed education go from my profession (a job) to a life-style and this seemingly 24/7 immersion was leading to a severe case of professional burn-out and adding unnecessary stress into my personal life.

I finally figured out that I need time away from the day-to-day grind of being a teacher and I was not giving myself that opportunity.

The creation of “My Thoughts too” is a major piece of the puzzle to create a work-life balance between my life as an educator and my life beyond education. Blogging is something that I enjoy doing, but the scope of  One Foot In Reality was relatively narrow – Special Education and how technology could be used in my classroom. I just did not feel comfortable writing about things that are affecting me, my opinions on a variety of events, politics or simply something that I might be doing, given the focus that I had established at One Foot In Reality.

What will the focus of this blog be? “My Thoughts too” will be a personal blog where I will discuss my thoughts on whatever I want to write about at the time. There will be times I talk about current events, reviewing a book/software, politics, geeky stuff, talking about something that is frustrating me, archery or reflecting on something I have read at another blog.

In the end this blog is for me and is a public journal, (which was the original purpose of blogging), to keep track of what I am thinking about, initiate discussions on those topics and not have it become a second job where I have to do things – just so.  Based on this focus I will not worry about if it fits a particular niche or be as concerned about being politically correct.  I might even have an opinion or two that will surprise you.

Those are the reasons for creating “My Thoughts-too″ and why we all need to create a life beyond being what we do at work.

I hope that you enjoy about my thoughts and that you will add your own as comments to my new blog:

My Thoughts too

What have you done to make a difference today?