iWork Professional Development February 2011 – Keynote

Keynote (presentation software)

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Today I attended a MLTI professional development on Apple’siWork suite. Yes it is February break and no I didn’t have to go to this training on my own time, but I wanted to learn more about iWork programs (Keynote, Page and Numbers). So I took advantage of the opportunity when it was presented to me a few weeks ago.

Below is the training Description and Learning Outcomes:
Participants gain fundamental skills with iWork applications (Keynote, Pages, Numbers) and use these tools in today’s learning experiences.
Learning Outcomes
•Understand the fundamentals of iWork applications: Keynote, Pages, and Numbers.
•Get experience with how to create and share iWork projects.
•Examine multiple resources for learning experiences: iTunes, iTunes U, and others.
•Explore how iWork can enhance today’s teaching and learning

I consider myself a mid-level user with these programs, even though much of my knowledge comes from Microsoft Office and Google Docs and carries over well, it does not give me the “how to” use these programs at a high level or where all the functions are “hidden”.

These sessions were at the beginner level and while at times it seemed really basic and covered things I already knew, it was an effective review and I learned a number of things and little tricks that will make it easier for me to use the iWork Suite more effectively.

In order to keep the blog post to a reasonable length, I have written three blog entries on the 3 sections from today’s training: Keynote, Pages and Numbers.

The first session was about using Keynote and we created a National Park slide show, we did a little editing and formatting of the slides, but focused on adding images from iPhoto or audio from iTunes to the presentation and how to use the Inspector to create your slides.

The trainers showed us the website pics4learning which allows educators/students to use the photos and how it provided citation information for each photo. We discussed how it was important to teach and model proper copyright use.

I have used Keynote quite a bit in the classroom, it is our (the student’s and mine) tool of choice that we have available when creating slideshows or ePosters (1 slide made into a poster). Even though I have access to PowerPoint for Mac 2011, Google Presentation or LibreOffice Presentation, I choose to use Keynote to create slideshows on my Mac and then convert them to .ppt files so I can upload them to Google and then embed or share them as I need to.

I liked that I learned that in the Inspector QuickTime tab, I can easily create snippets of songs or music, instead of having to use a full audio track and then try to stop the music on cue, this is so much easier.

We looked at how to export your presentation and the different options available.
Screen shot 2011 02 23 at 7 21 39 PM

Something that I had forgotten about was the ability to share Keynote and other iWork files to iWork.com-Beta. This is a part of Apple’s cloud solution, which I tend to forget about, because it is still in beta, the small amount of storage 1GB and it is not heavily publicized, but that is a different post. iWork.com recently began allowing you to embed presentations to your website or blog and below is the presentation I created this morning:

This presentation was created during a training session and is only a demonstration document. This slide show presentation wasn’t meant to be used for any other purpose than to learn how to use and demonstrate some of Keynote’s features. All the photos used in it were from pics4learning.com.

When I brought up being able to embed slideshows in iWork.com, we were told very explicitly that iWork.com is still a beta product and to be very careful about relying on it for embedding presentations on your blog, until it comes out of beta. I understand this, but from my perspective it seems like iWork.com has been in beta long enough and it is about time to either put iWork.com out there for general use or move on.

I did learn a few tricks today that will help me in the classroom when using Keynote. My only complaint about the session was that it was too short and it easily could have been a hole day session by itself, as any of today’s sessions could have been.

Any Maine educators who are using a MLTI laptop, I recommend that you attend these trainings to help you improve your ability to use these products in your classroom.