February Break or Is It?

The Month of February

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Wow you don’t realize how sick you were until you start to get better! The past few weeks I have been fighting a loosing battle against an upper respiratory infection and this week it won some major battles. My plan had been to make it through last week and then rest of up during February break. Instead by Wednesday I was absolutely miserable and just barely able to function at school.
I actually called and went to the doctor’s and they put me on some pretty heavy duty antibiotics. The medication and the rest over the past two days (the Dr. said no school for me) are slowly turning the tide of this battle, but I didn’t realize how sick I had gotten.
Today is the official start to February break and I made it (mine started a few days earlier than most), just not the way I planned it. I am very weak and still feel like crap, but I made it, so now what have I got planned to do during this break?
  • Grade student work – that just didn’t get done over the past couple of weeks.
  • Special Education paperwork.
  • Contact a couple of parents that I couldn’t last week.
  • Prepare slight curriculum adjustment that needs to be done.
  • Do lesson planning on Cyberbullying/bullying lesson plan.
  • See the dentist.
  • Attend 2 days of training on Apple’s iLife and iWork (Wed/Thurs)
  • Edchat & Spedchat Tuesday night or Google’s training (which ever seems more interesting).
  • Write 2-3 product reviews or updates on how I am using something now – after going to Apple’s training this week should have some good ideas or updates.
  • Look at purchasing Parrallels or VM Fusion and learning how to use it.
  • Walk Bennie at least a couple of miles a day.
  • Play NeverWinter Nights 2.
  • Follow the Celtics and Red Sox.
  • Watch some of the History/Discovery/NatGeo etc channels.
  • Watch Avatar and the Last AirBender (movies I got for Christmas and haven’t had time to watch yet).
  • If there is any time left after that – Rest
There still seems to be far too much stuff related to school that I have to get done during February break for it to be called a vacation. But it is time away from the school building and I get to choose when I will do stuff, so it is going to be a nice break.
I just have to be careful to not overdue things as I get feeling better, which knowing me, I will anyways.
So what are your plans for February break? I hope that you have more fun things planned than I do.