Yes, we have all heard that excuse, the dog my homework, the dog did this or the dog did that from our students.  Well tonight, I have to admit it the dog alias “Bennie Bean” did eat my power cord to my MacBook Pro.


I am lucky though, whenever I buy a new laptop I always buy a spare power supply/adapter (one for work & one for home) because I was always leaving my power supply at home or work before I started doing this – it usually ended up wherever I wasn’t.  So while it is an inconvenience tonight, it isn’t really a big deal, but I gotta wonder if Bennie had a little tingling sensation when he was chewing on the plugged in power adapter.

This sweet little dog has caused me to write on my wife’s PC and forced me to use the newest version of Windows Live Writer to create this post.
Vampire bat

I have waxed poetic about the wonders of Windows Live Writer as a blog editor and being “forced” to use it tonight only served to remind me of how much superior it is to any other blog editor – IMHO.

Now if Bennie had eaten my MacBook Pro would I be switching back to a PC – naw, but I do miss WLW for blogging.

By the way I did find a place that sells new power adapters for $39.99 and ordered one, to go along with my spare that I leave at work.