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Yes – I know I had some spare time on my hands today and I decided to tweak, not re-vamp my blog theme just a little bit, actually it was a scheduled change, but I won’t admit to actually planning for a change to my blog theme.   However, I will give a little bit of the rationales for the changes to my Header.

I really, really love the Fireball header I have been using, but is that who I am really am – a fireball? No not really, I am more laid back and the collage of images that show some of where I have come from and developed my unique perspective seems more appropriate for a blog named “One Foot In Reality”.

Image #1 – Is a picture taken by my grandmother, when I was in 4th grade and first started playing P.A.L. basketball for the Newport Bullets, something that developed into a life long love of playing and watching basketball.

Image #2 – My high school graduation picture from Nokomis Regional High School in Newport, Maine in 1975. I learned a lot from going to school there and found out that school and college were not the direction I would take upon graduation. If anything my time during high school was a time to simply survive, because I really didn’t like most of my classes, the people or even being there – I just didn’t fit. During my senior year we (the school) figured out that half a day of school was more than enough and I was allowed to participate in the Cooperative Education program where I worked at a local business from 12 – 5 instead of going to school.

Image #3 – Is a picture of me getting ready to run in a cross country meet during my senior year. I was never actually a very good distance runner, but running was something I enjoyed up until this past year when a knee injury stopped me from running. I still miss it, hopefully the knee will heal during the next 6 months, so that I can run again in the summer. Well I can dream can’t I?

Image #4 – My immediate family. I am the oldest of six children who were raised in a lower middle class family during the 1960’s & early 70’s. So my upbringing really influences how I perceive many things that are going on in world around me.

Image #5 – U.S. Coast Guard bootcamp – June 1975. This was my profession and lifestyle for almost 21 years. Yes, being in the military is a life style choice and you give up many liberties and other things that others take for granted to remain there. The reward is that I now have health care and a pension for as long as there is a U.S. government. Which gives me a bit of independence that others may not have, when making career choices.

Image #6 – My two daughters when they were young and my grandfather who I spent most of my younger years with during daylight hours. My oldest daughter was a special education student and made it through the maze of SPED regulations in 5 states. Which led me to eventually become a Special Educator and an advocate for children who learn differently.

Image #7 – An image of me running in the Marine Corps Marathon in 1983. Notice the shorty, shorts ☺. This was the only marathon that I ever completed, even though I have trained for several. It was one of those things you accomplish and are very proud of the accomplishment.

Image #8 – A picture of me with a student’s sombrero on while I was teaching at Good-Will Hinckley’s – Averill High School. It shows a side of me that people outside of school don’t really get a chance to see very often – the actor. During my time at Good Will Hinckley, I became a teacher and worked hard for students who haven’t been successful in regular schools or classrooms. My experiences at Good-Will Hinckley have a big influence on how I view education and Special Education

Image #9 – A picture taken by my wife, while we were hiking on a trail up in Belgrade, Maine. I have always wandered around in the woods and that is one of the ways that I relax to get my thoughts and head straightened out.

Image #10 – My wife and I during our first summer together.

Image #11 – a semi-official picture of me in a suit. I hate suits, but had to show that I can wear one. No that is not an ear ring by my ear, that is the door’s peep hole 😉

Having those photographs as my header, allow readers a quick snapshot of what has influenced my life and possibly why I may see something from the perspective that I do.  Every so often I plan to go back and do a different collage, showing different parts of my life. I have put it on my calendar for doing sometime during the first part of July. So that will be my next big update on my theme.

What do you think? Does this header represent who I am better than a Fireball?






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