Well I made it through my first week of teaching digital safety to my Resource Room English Language Arts Classes. I was very impressed with how much my students already know about internet safety and how much common sense most of them have when it comes to keeping themselves safe. There were a few that, what I went over seemed like something new, but for the most part, my students were very web savvy, including some that I didn’t think would be.
They even asked me during the week what kind of an avatar I use for my Facebook and other accounts. When I told them it was usually my picture of my Dog Bennie and me, they gave me grief about having my true picture as my avatar. As a result of that class conversation, I changed the final activity for this week to creating avatars for the students, but with one caveat they had to create as a class one for me first (to get them used to the applications) and then on Tuesday the classes will vote on which one I will use as my new avatar for my social networking sites except Facebook.
I want to say thank you to @elltoolbox @aleaness @nlakusta @tylermykkanen who all pointed me in good directions to get good avatar creators. @aleaness really went out of her way to find one that I had played with last summer, but lost the URL. My Twitter PLN came through again. I ended up choosing Portrait Illustration Maker and Wild Things for my classes to use to create their avatars. I will probably put up Voki the next time we have some free time to play a little bit
So here are a few of the avatars that my classes came up with for me to use:
Avatar Number 1
Avatar Number 2
Avatar Number 3
Avatar Number 4
@alicebarr suggested that I let you all, choose which avatar I should use, so I will repost and let you decide.
I accidentally left a few of the avatars on my MLTI MacBook which we created them on (they are in the Download file) and I forgot to transfer them to my personal MacBook. I will get this done on Tuesday.
I like some of the butterfly and the frog one from Wild things, but don’t know if folks out in the Twitterverse would take me too seriously if I used it. I will use their choice on Mr. Shaw’s blog to be a good role model and other sites for a while to see what kind of reaction I get. 🙂
After all learning should be fun and you know something, we had fun in class today – making fun of Mr. Shaw 🙂