This year has been a tough but mostly good year for me personally and professionally.  I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but I write down some goals that are important to me and then review them at the end of the year  So here we go.

Last year I discussed how only we can control our reactions to situations and still believe that is true.

What do we have control over? Only our reactions to what is going on around us, which can be positive or negative, but most of us have the ability control how we react (if we choose to).  So my resolutions are going to focused on things I can influence or control.
#1 – Stop and smell the roses more. I tend to get too involved in things and then I let life pass me by.
I did okay on this one, but not enough to say that I was successful, being a teacher makes it difficult when school is in session to stop and smell the roses and that is just the way it is.  However, I didn’t do as good job of this when school was not in session – okay#2 – Be positive as possible in all my personal and professional relationships. If I am positive good things happen and relationships improve, it is when I get negative…well we all know what happens then.  I did really good on this one until a bunch of family medial issues came up and took over what I was thinking about, during September/October, but I think that I am back on track and back to being the positive me – pretty good

#3 – Train for the Maine Marathon. Just doing this will take care of all those eating right/weight related resolutions. My only concern is that my body might betray me, but I can try until it does. I just have to go slow and steady and not attempt too much too soon.  My right knee acted up and I haven’t able to train or even run since about April, my weight has gone up more than I want to admit.  I went to the gym, but not as consistently as I should have – not so good

#4 – Do the work as it arrives and touch things only once. I was able to this in the office atmosphere, now I have to translate it to the classroom and special education. This one will be tougher, but I have to make it a priority. If I do, I will become more organized and be less stressed about getting my school-work done. Which in turn will make teaching my students easier.  I have been working on using this system and for the most part have done this, although once in a while I have let things pile up a bit and have had to go back and do over work that should have been handled only once – pretty good

#5 – Be less materialistic. Do I really need all the stuff, I have accumulated, as I get older I find that I want/need less to be happy. This year I plan to buy less “stuff” and focus on things that I actually need. Boy am I glad I got my Mac before I made this one.  I actually did quite well on this goal, I bought a lot less “stuff” than I did in past years and believe that I can do even better this year.  Now if I could just figure out how to stop buying apps and software, that would be a huge thing 🙂  overall – good

#6 – Be more self-sufficient. I am not a survivalist, doomsday buff or end of the worlder. At the same time I believe that being able to be self-sufficient in as many ways as possible is a way to save money (which is a good thing) and if our infrastructure continues to deteriorate at its present rate, it will affect us less. Being able to grow food, hunt, fish, cut/burn wood, etc. are skills I need to maintain and improve upon. I live in the country so it is easier for me to develop these skills and use them.  Again my wife and I (her more than I) did quite well on this one, if we had to we could go a couple of months or so without to much disruption to our lives.  Very good

#7 – Last but not least enjoy life. It may sound a lot like #1, but we all have a limited time on this earth and it is mostly up to us whether our life is miserable or if we enjoy what we have available to us. I choose to enjoy my time here.

I did okay on this goal, some big family health issues got in the way in the fall and I have been letting little things at work bother me more than they should, but overall I know that I have a very good life and that I am grateful for all the things that I do have. pretty good.
I know that most of these goals were very general and mostly not measurable (heaven forbid that I a Special Educator put together goals that can’t be measured), but is it really necessary to measure everything? I think that all too often we put way too much emphasis on the end outcome and forget that sometimes the journey is just as important – maybe more important.

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