December 2010 – Blizzard Photos

So what does a sort-of tech savvy teacher do on the Monday after Christmas?  Sit back and watch a blizzard go by and dreading using that high tech machine called a snow blower.  However, it is a lot better than shoveling a 320′ driveway by hand.

The Blizzard of December 2010 is going on around us right now, we continue under a Blizzard Warning until 3:00 P.M. and they are predicting another 3-5 inches of snow between now and then.  The snow amounts have really been quite low for a major blizzard, “up heah”.  There are only between 8-10 inches so far, but the issue is the wind, it is blowing between 20-40 mph.  I apologize for the quality of the photos, they were taken with my iPhone 3G, but the give you an idea of what is going on in my neighborhood.

A picture from the top of the hill toward one of the old houses

Looking down towards the house, I live up around the corner. It was down around that first telephone pole that I was startled one morning by some kind of a critter as I discussed in my “Is Blogging that Important” post.

My neighbor doing what I will be doing in about an hour.

I will be joining my neighbor very soon outside snowblowing my driveway.  It will take a couple of hours to do it and all the paths to bird feeders, sheds, and everywhere else that we wander around the yard and don’t want to wander through snow.

As long as we keep electricity and don’t have to go anywhere, this storm is not that bad for up heah in Maine, it’s just another winter storm.  However, while walking on the roads, they were very icy and slippery, the snow is what my we call crystal snow which forms into white ice on the road.  While the road crew is doing a great job keeping the snow off the roads, the white ice on the roads make it so that I wouldn’t want to have to drive too far, unless there was an emergency.

Everyone stay safe and enjoy the snow.  Who knows maybe I will get out the snowshoes and try them out.