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I have been trying to use Google Chrome exclusively for the past couple of months and I haven’t been quite been able to do it. This post is not to flame-out the Chrome browser, but to put in it in the proper perspective and how Chrome is actually working for me. Sometimes I also forget that Chrome for Mac is still a very “young” browser, that still needs work and may have my expectations for what it can realistically do, above its present abilities.

Here are a couple of things that irk, perplex and frustrate me about the Google Chrome browser right now. A lot of my frustrations center around how Chrome administers cookies and its cache management. It is the problem that has become the main reason that I decide to use a different browser when I get too frustrated with not being able to do what I want in Chrome and just give up on it.

The cache and cookie issue/problem really becomes evident when attempting to use my, school Google Apps and my three personal Google Apps accounts. It seems whenever I attempt switch between the different accounts I get the dreaded “you can’t get there from here” message.

I have changed the cache and cookie settings so many times that it has become a real issue for me and to continually get this message is getting rather “old”, there are only so many settings that actually work, which is great when they work. I typically get the above message when I am trying to switch from one Google account to another Google account. I have to go in and clear the cache (this usually does not work) and then I have clear the cookies, which results in loosing saved passwords, so that when I re-visit sites I have to remember different passwords. No I don’t use a password manager and this problem is making me re-think whether I need one or not.

These are not insurmountable issues, but they make the browsing experience in Chrome much less than I expect or want to put up with from a browser, especially when using Google’s own products are a major contributor to the issues that I have encountered.

However, the cache and cookies issues have made me re-think how I am handling my presence in Google, which is turning out to be a positive thing. I decided to merge all of my personal Google accounts to one Google Apps account (as much as possible within the current limitations Google has). Originally I thought that I would just move everything to my account, but I after I had moved most everything there, I got to thinking and decided it would be better to have a custom domain in the long run. I plan to essentially start over with a lot of what I do online using my new Custom Domain – as my primary web presence.

I know that Google is aware of these issues and is working diligently to resolve them, but until they do, I won’t plan to do very much switching around between my Google accounts when using Chrome unless I am in Incognito Mode or what is more likely to happen – open another browser to work in the different Google account.

The reality is that these issues are unfortunate because I really do prefer Chrome and how it performs otherwise; the improvements with the Web Store; the vastly improved stability; syncing between computers (which really works great between the MLTI laptop and my own Laptops PC & Mac) and the different extensions that are available. There are so many great things going for Chrome that I will continue to use it as my main browser in spite of the issues I have described, but I will welcome this issue being resolved.

One thing about Google though, is that they are continually upgrading and fixing issues that they have with their products. I just hope they find a fix for this issue soon, because it is an issue that causes me a lot of frustration and makes it so that I open another browser to finish what I am doing, instead of using the browser that I prefer – Chrome.

2 thoughts on “Chrome Browser – A Little Different Look

  1. I think the easiest solution to your "problem" is to use multiple browsers. I have three separate gmail accounts that I monitor simultaneously. It takes separate browsers to do so. I find it to be a great solution.


  2. Bill – I already do that, but I believe that Google needs to improve the way it handles multiple Google accounts and how we log-in. I like Chrome and prefer to use it and maybe I am asking a lot or my expectations are too high, but I shouldn't have to use separate browsers for each Chrome account. I would have to use 4 different browsers, which would be a bit of a pain in the butt.I guess I just want my cake and eat it too :-)Harold


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