Today is my first day of December break, I refuse to call it vacation, a vacation is something you get paid for and I don’t get paid for being home next week (many who are outside of education forget that teachers get only get paid for the 180 days or so in our contract and that most of us choose to have our pay reduced to be paid on a bi-weekly basis, so that we can more easily budget for our personal needs).

For the majority of teachers the next week or so is not a vacation anyway, we will be doing a lot of work related to school:  to get ready for our classes, improve ourselves with some professional development, in addition to the “honey-doo” list that has been piling up since school started.

Enough of the whining, so what do I plan to accomplish during this December break?

  • Change my Google accounts over to my new Google Apps account – Mr.  Yes I took the plunge and decided to move to a Custom Domain for as much as I can.  This means a lot of going back and reinventing myself at some sites I use, but in the long run, I really believe it will be in my best interest to have a more focused online persona.
  • Re-create my school webpage and host it on my Google Apps account.
  • Create my own webpage and use it as a portal to my online persona.
  • Write in my blog:  New task manager, Aviary, Chrome Browser, How to Answer a Question, how the change to Google Apps is going and whatever else comes up that might be interesting.
  • Be on Twitter
  • Setup my Digital Safety/Digital Citizenship curriculum so that it makes sense to me.  I got the NoteShare notebook version from the good folks at MLTI, and while it has a great deal of information, I just have to put together so I can teach it.  I am not a good canned program teacher and will have to adapt some of what is there to where my students are, not where a regular education class is.
  • Learn how to use Aviary web apps they appear to be well integrated into Google Apps and I can see some definite positives to using the service, now I just have to try them out and see if my initial impression was correct.
  • Participate in more online discussions and Webinars

But today I am going to be digging out from the 8 inches of flurry activity we got overnight.

The photos are a bit blurry, due to taking them with my old iPhone 3G, but it works to give you an understanding of how much snow we got.  So now I have to go out and start taking care of the white stuff.  So my “vacation” begins.