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This is a test post from MacJournal Once I was able to get the triangle in the bottom right, it was really easy to work with the image Let’s see how this does with changing stuff around         ❑        Test         ❑        Test         ❑        Test This is actually working pretty well, let’s see how well it posts to Blogger.

I tried the post from MacJournal to find out what it would do and unfortunately it didn’t do very well.  Below is a screen shot of what it should have have looked like.

The original attempt had some other formatting of words below the blue picture that didn’t turn out too well.  So it doesn’t look like MacJournal is what I am looking for either.

One thought on “Test Blog from MacJournal

  1. Hi Harold,I really enjoyed reading your post. And what struck me the most about it was how amazing it is that we teach in different settings, different cultures, completely different realities – and yet there are so many similarities!I teach English at a private language institute, where students come twice a week for 1h15m each. And the number of students being "diagnosed" with ADD or anxiety has soared. Is it a matter of misdiagnosing or are we taking these kids to the edge?Very worthy reflection indeed 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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