Do I Really Need A Smart Phone?

I got my iPhone 3G back in May and I really thought it was exactly what I wanted and needed back then.  Now I wonder?
What do I mean, am I jealous of the improvements that the iPhone 4G has or the capabilities of the new Android smart phones?
No not really.
I am beginning to wonder if I really need or needed a smart phone at all?  As a phone the iPhone actually sucks, I can barely hear people on the other end of the line when they are talking (I may be old but nothing is wrong with my hearing) and according to the forums that I have researched, there doesn’t seem to be any solution except to wear an ear piece.
Even though I have over 70 apps on my iPhone, I only actually use only around 10 of them.  I use iPod, RunTastic, SportsCenter, Stanza, and Camera pretty regularly, then once in a while I will use Mail, Google, Notes, CoPilot, Clock, iFitness, and Dragon Dictation.   In other words I really don’t use my “smart” phone all that much or very many of its capabilities – in other words it is vastly under utilized.  I will probably go in and delete a bunch of apps tonight that I don’t/won’t use in the future after finishing up this post.
I do like the GPS function for recording how far I have walked or hiked, but is it worth over $80 a month for that capability? Turning my iPhone into a iTouch seems the direction that I will be going, even though having a iPod would make more sense for what I use it for – mostly at the gym.
I wonder how many others out there were swayed like I was to get an iPhone/smart phone by all the hype and the neat things they thought they could do with one.  Then once they got one, found out that they really don’t use it all that much.  Maybe if I was on the go more or had a job where I didn’t have WIFI all the time I would find my iPhone more useful.  But for what I do, I really don’t need a smartphone.
The reality is that I don’t need a phone with a data plan, it is just an added expense and I can put that money to better use some place else. To me having the iPhone has been and is more of a status symbol item to show that I am a “techie”, than has been useful.  Looking objectively at the pros and cons of whether to keep my iPhone, I have a feeling that I might go ahead and get rid of it this summer and pay the early termination fee.

What have you done to make a difference today?

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