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I just started to write something that really bothered me while writing my weekly review post.  I started to write “get to work here”. Is blogging becoming just “more work” to many of us?  Is that how some of us are beginning to see blogging – as work?
If that is the case then are we doing something wrong? Work is something you get paid to do and I don’t believe the $0.30 that Google says it will send to me this year so far, is going to let me retire from teaching tomorrow.
I really don’t believe that there are a lot of us that could use the income we receive from blogging to walk away from our day jobs.
Blogging in my opinion is supposed to be more than just work, it is and has become a labor of love for many of us?

We put hours and hours of our own time into our posts, the appearance of our blogs, responding to those who take the time to give us input on our posts, being a part of the blogosphere and reading or responding to other’s blog posts. I started blogging as a way to reflect on what is going on around me and add my voice to the conversations that take place online. Blogging has been a wonderful way to clear my head and get others to give me feedback.

I have learned so much and met so many wonderful people since I began blogging three years ago. Blogging has become such a part of my life and that it is something that I just do. With that little statement this morning “get to work here”. I am beginning to wonder have I subconsciously turned the corner to where my blogging is not just for the joy of writing, putting my ideas and thoughts out there for others to see and respond too? Has it become something much less?

Do we put our real thoughts in our blogs anymore? With the numbers of people who now read our blogs, do we allow ourselves to put our actual thoughts in our blogs to be discussed in public or do we self-censor them too much – “just in case”. Is there subtle or not so subtle intimidation going on out there to make teachers who blog uncomfortable if they write “too much”.

Or is it only me, am I simply starting to see blogging as just another chore that I “have” to do, a certain number of evenings a week and on Saturday mornings, like cleaning the cat boxes or sweeping the floor, instead of something that I do because I enjoy it.

Have I reached a crossroads that so many others who are no longer blogging came to believe, where I begin to see blogging as just more work, instead of enjoyment. Then begin to write less and less – eventually posting so infrequently, that after a while I will stop all together?

I don’t know, I really hope not, but…time will tell.

What have you done to make a difference today?

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  1. Harold, You're not alone in occasionally feeling like blogging is "another chore." I think that happens to anyone that does anything regularly for long stretches of time. As long as blogging is still something you enjoy doing most of the time, then you've got nothing to worry about. Richardp.s. I make a little more than $.30/year from Google, but that doesn't prevent occasionally feeling like it's "another chore."


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