A Dr. Pepper and Chips Week

This has been one of those weeks, where I can measure my stress level at school based upon the kind of junk food and how much of it that I have been eating.  Normally, I pack a fairly healthy lunch (home made and usually at least 80% organic) and stay away from the teachers lounge gee-junk food machines like the plague.

I won’t go into specifics, but behaviors have been a “wee bit” off the wall and rather stressful.  This has been one of the most “interesting” according to Sun Tzu first quarters, I have had as a teacher and the first week of the second quarter has started off in rare form.  It looks like it will be a wild ride between now and the New Year (at least), so I just have to hang on and ride out the storms that are coming as best I can.

This week I have been a real junk food junky for me:

  • Monday – No extra junk food – decent day
  • Tuesday – Tough day – Cinnamon Pop Tarts
  • Wednesday – Sorta Tough Day – Hot Chocolate and Bag of SmartFood Pop Corn
  • Thursday – Extremely tough day – Dr. Pepper & Chips
  • Friday – Tough day – Cinnamon Pop Tarts

The only good thing on Thursday is that I didn’t stop and get a Whoopie Pie at the bakery on the way home – that would have been the “coup de grace”

Last year after returning to teaching I only had 3 Dr. Pepper and Chips days all year, this year I am already on my second one.  I have a feeling that I will break my record pretty easily and by a substantial margin if the first quarter is any indication.

I go home exhausted (I go to the gym, but the workouts have just sucked lately), have zero energy, find myself falling asleep before and after supper and don’t complete the school work that I need to get done in the evening.  A vicious cycle to say the least, which only increases my stress level even more as I get further and further behind.

I know non-educators will say “cry me a river”, “I know what I’d do with those kids”, etc. but fellow educators know what I am talking about and know how weary I feel right now, but this feeling is usually reserved for March/April – if this level of hitting the junk food continues now, how am I going to feel then?

Does anyone else judge the level of their stress, by the amount of junk food that they eat?

What have you done to make a difference today?

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