I just finished a very onerous project, one that I had not looked forward to starting or doing.  When I created One Foot in Reality back on August 21, 2010 – I consciously and quite purposely made the decision to not bring all of my blog entries to it at that time for a reason.

Why?  Why wouldn’t I want to have all of my blog posts in my primary blog, so that it would be easier to find them?  Simple – it is a pain in the butt to bring non-Blogger posts to a Blogger blog.  I knew how much work reviewing, deciding which of the 820 bog posts that were in my WordPress blog to bring forward, edit, and re-link.  I also have several blog posts in other blogs and while I have archived this information in several places, that was the problem, it was scattered and not easily accessible in one place to review.

I started this project after I renewed my old WordPress blog and decided that it would be my last renewal of that site for me.  Over the past few days, I have combed through over a 1,000 blog posts, trying to decide which ones I really wanted to have in One Foot in Reality.  I decided that the 100 or so that focused on political issues didn’t fit, so I left them in archive status (if I have a really slow weekend, I might post them someday), the weekly or monthly reviews were not brought forward and some others for various reasons were not included.

I knew it would take quite a bit of time to get it done – it ended up being over 22 hours of work (and I still have some re-linking to do), but now I have the blog posts that I want in one place, I feel a lot better.  I also feel a pretty good sense of accomplishment that I finished this project and didn’t let it just linger on and on.

My advice to anyone thinking about leaving Blogger, make sure that you export your posts to someplace where you can find it again – just in case you later decide to come back to Blogger – it will make the return so much easier.  For those of you with other blog hosts who are thinking about changing to Blogger, realize that you will probably have to manually import your posts, if you want to bring them with you.  In the long run it is worth it, but if you have a lot of posts, it will require more time than you think it will.  The good thing is that it forces you to look at what you have done in the past.

I know that I enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

I like Blogger and don’t anticipate changing blog hosts again.  I kept coming back to it, because it allows me the ability to do what I want with it without too many restrictions or having to do more backend management than I want.  Maybe it is time that I just stay here.

What have you done to make a difference today?

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