Theme Change – Why This One?

As you can see I did change my blog’s theme on Thursday.  While I liked my old one, it just started to seem too cramped and crowded and a little “dark”, so I decided to refresh it.  When I went looking for the new theme this was the first one I downloaded (yes I did look at others – a lot of others) and did a little bit of playing around in the HTML, it is mostly where I want it.

Here are images of the my present theme and the old one

My new theme, just looks cleaner and brighter to me and a lot less cramped.  Believe it or not this was the longest that my primary blog has held the same them – ever (a day over 3 months).  Richard Byrne always picks on me about how much I change themes and I deserve it.  But at least recently I haven’t done it every day looking for the “perfect” theme, either I am getting closer to that ideal or happier with what I am using.   I guess that this is the part of my life that really reflects my different moods, the themes on my primary blog.

It seems as though I am becoming more content with what is and not always looking around for something new and improved in the world of blogging.  I have become more concerned with how well it works on the inside and while I am still concerned that my blog’s appearance is pleasing to the eye, it is has become more important to me that it is functional, simple to use and presents me in the way I want to be seen.

The reality is that I changed my blog host and themes way too often in the past.  I am finding that I am becoming less concerned with how my blog looks and more concerned about its content.  I still want my blog theme to reflect me, but just a more “stable” me.  Whatever that is? 🙂

So here is to growing up or becoming a little bit more mature in my use of this form of Social Media.  I am learning that Web2.0 is a journey, not a destination.

What do you think about the new theme?

“Do the right thing for the right reason”

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