ATH Chapter 9 and 10 Teaching Sample

This was initially a mistaken post that I meant to go to my Classroom blog, but after thinking about it I decided to keep it up here to show what I do in class.
It was my first attempt to make it so that my students would be able to review or access, the day’s lesson online.  It was a spur of the moment thing and I simply turned on Photobooth on the MLTI MacBook and pointed the camera towards the back wall and up (so it wouldn’t capture any student faces and did the class Read-aloud on Among the Hidden.  It is definitely low production quality, but after the initial jitters, we kind of forgot about that we were recording and just had a pretty good class.
I am not really all that pleased with my teaching in the below video and it does give me ideas on things that I need to improve and hopefully as I keep doing this it will improve my delivery.
I guess it is good to do, to see how you sound to your students and others – even if it isn’t all that flattering at times.  I recommend that all teachers do it for some of their class, it would give us all a great opportunity for honest reflection to improve our teaching skills in the classroom.
This paragraph was directed towards my students.  If you missed class or want to review what was covered in chapters 9 & 10 in Among the Hidden please watch the above video.  I apologize for the quality but this is my first effort at ensuring that you have access to this and I am not a very good actor.
Mr. Shaw

“Do the right thing for the right reason”