Over the past couple of weeks, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and finally ended up basically flat on my back for four days. During the days leading up to my finally succumbing to whatever I had, we had some interesting conversations about the administration of a diagnostic standardized test. My initial reaction to this standardized testing was very out of character for me, I almost put myself into Don Quixote mode about the administration of this test.

Now that I am feeling almost normal (whatever that is). I can breath, don’t feel like a freight train just ran over me a couple of times, can think somewhat clearly and the feelings of being completely overwhelmed by everything going on around me are gone. I actually felt like a human being and I can now look back at this situation with a great deal of clarity.

Looking back at my reaction towards this inconsequential event in the scheme of things, I can see now that I was over-reacting to something that really wasn’t a big deaI. Right now I am thinking to myself “what to hell was I thinking?” Going into Don Quixote mode over administering a diagnostic test, after a decision that has been made, is not going to change anything. It could have had consequences that I really don’t want or need at this particular point in my life and would not have changed the decision in any way, shape or form.

Usually I am normally very positive, “just do it” and make the best of whatever is thrown at me. My military background really reinforces the attitude – “You can disagree”, but once the final decision is made you say “Yes Sir” and go do the task. Knowing when to move on is often more important than fighting a battle that is not winnable or productive to anyone.

The reality is I don’t have to agree with every decision that is made by my bosses (if I did I wouldn’t be human), but it does mean once they make a decision, I should do my best to support and carry out that decision if it is in my ability to do.

I know that some out in the blogosphere will disagree with my last paragraph and some might have even have gone into full Don Quixote mode and taken it right up to the point of walking away. But what would that have proved – nothing. Acting like Don Quixote over this issue might have caused some very minor ripples, but after it was all said and done nothing would have changed. It was a loose-loose situation and I don’t play that game…I prefer win-win and plan to continue to conduct myself towards that goal.

Important decisions or choosing to go into Don Quixote mode need to be done when you are feeling well, preferably with a couple of days removed from the situation, so that you have time to properly review a situation and can make objective decisions. In other words take time to actually think before you leap and wait until you are not sick before making decisions that are important, because the situation might look very different when you are feeling better.

I am glad that I was able to keep Don Quixote out of this, his meddling wasn’t necessary or needed.