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In last night’s post I discussed the change to Google Chrome and discussed that I would be discussing what extensions I am using now.  The thing that I like about many of Chrome’s extensions is that they run in the background and get rid of annoying little things like YouTube starting automatically or when you “arrow over a picture in Facebook it automatically enlarges, or like AdBlock stops annoying ads, they just do little things but are things that make my online experience better.

So here are my extensions:

Some are just there and I don’t really know that I am using them, but the ones I use the most are:

  • Blogger in Draft button – it takes me to directly my Blogger dashboard.
  • The Weather Channel – comes in handy when the weather is turning bad.
  • Diigo – My bookmark tool
  • gCal, gDocs, gMail and gReader buttons, I use everyone of these daily and I can link them to whichever
  • Google account I am using for those functions.
  • Blog this – If I find an article or something I want to blog about it creates a draft blog with a link to the information, so I don’t forget it and can write about it later
  • Send this link with gMail – I can email a link to people quickly and easily
  • Google Talk – I have linked gTalk to my phone, this way I can quickly see if I have a message.
  • Last Pass – Password manager that works well.
  • Readability – Gets rid of all distractors on a page, so you can focus on reading what has been written about.
  • Zemanta – I use to add in-text links, labels, related articles and images to my blogs.
  • Zoomit – to increase or decrease the page size in the tab

Please read the descriptions of the extensions in Google’s Extension toolbox if you want to learn more about what the ones that I use.  Please notice that I have some disabled i.e. Evernote, Scribefire because I am not using them right now, but probably will later.

Are there any extensions that I have missed that I should be using to make my online experience with Chrome even better?

“There is no try, only do.” – Yoda


  1. Phil-I checked out your list and I might want to look a little closer at a couple of them. I also added your blog to my gReader, it has a lot of good info on Google Apps that will be useful when I have more time to review it.Thanks for commenting Harold


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