365:47 - Sunset [Gray, Maine]

Image by Raymond Larose via Flickr

Although it is not an official heat wave, the last three days at school have been hotter than hell.

I live in Maine and the weather this time of year is supposed to be 70-80s which is considered pretty moderate and comfortable, instead we have broken, tied or come close to breaking all time heat records the past three days all above 90 degrees with high humidity.  When I was returning to school for our Open House and we by one of the outdoor temperature displays it showed 100 degrees.  This is crazy for this time of year up here.

In the school itself it has been unbearable, our schools are not designed for this weather (fans only blow around hot air) and by 10:00 A.M. everyone is getting grumpy and cranky – no air conditioning in the classroom.  The school administration is passing out water, ensuring that students are allowed to get drinks as they need to, athletic practices have been cancelled, and in the afternoon we have been going to the air conditioned theater at the school, but this heat makes it is really tough to get any learning done.

I know that I personally hate this weather, I am grumpy and cranky, plus I can’t focus or think clearly (it is like being in a haze), I get home and am just exhausted.  I haven’t even bothered to get online since Monday night and have been going to bed early because I have been so exhausted.  Well tomorrow we should have a change in the weather – Hurricane Earl is supposed to strike a glancing blow to use Friday night, which should cool things off quite a bit.  I just hope he stays out to sea and doesn’t make that left hand turn after Cape Cod, where it has been so hot here.

I have a feeling when it is 20 degrees this winter many will look back on this and say they want it warm again. I think I will take the 20 degrees, at least I can get warm and we are used to that kind of weather up here in Maine.  Other parts of the Country can keep this heat and humidity.

This kind of weather is why I decided to retire from the military Maine, instead of “warmer” places like Arkansas, North Carolina or Florida, I just don’t like the heat.  I’ll stay here, but with weather like this, I will whine a lot about it and be glad when it is over.

“There is no try, only do.” – Yoda

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