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It is my last weekend before school starts on Thursday, with Teacher Workshops on Tuesday and get the classroom put together on Wednesday. So I won’t have very much time for much of anything else, but focusing on school and teaching for the next few weeks.

So this morning when I decided to change my primary blog back to, I knew that I would have to set-aside around 5 hours for updating the widgets and getting them in them in order, finding the “right” theme (I really liked what I had in WordPress and wanted to find something similar, which I think I did), getting Feedburner/Technorati setup and making sure all the check boxes were checked correctly.

It is now around 9:30 P.M. EST and I feel I have gotten around 90% of how I want “One Foot In Reality” to look.  I think that I did really well not changing the theme while I was at WordPress and I plan to keep this theme for a while.

If anything I think I like this theme a bit more than the one I used at Resource Room 220.

When I decided to make this change, I also decided that I would start a completely new blog and not attempt to import my old blog entries back to Blogger which is complicated at best. Resource Room 220 is now entering a dormant stage, I do not plan to use it again except as a storage place for my old posts.
Well now that I am here, I have to figure out what to write about now.

Posted from Google Docs  “There is no try, only do.” – Yoda

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