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For some reason today, I have been in trouble shootingmode on my school webpage today.  First my calendar events were not showing up on my Google Sites, (just a blank calendar was appearing with you are not authorized to view this – message) when I used a different Browser and was logged out.  So I got to see what my student’s parents would see if they attempted to use my website.
Not good – I am trying to improve open communications, not make them more frustrating and this just wasn’t acceptable.
I did some trouble-shooting and I had made it so that viewers had to be logged into my District’s Google Apps account to see calendar events.  Now nothing I am putting in the calendars is confidential or proprietary (just when assignments are due, activities that are going on in the class or school), so I just opened up the calendars to everyone and now they are working great.

I just want to make sure that I am able communicate with everyone what is going on at school

The other issue that I was having was about using Google Docs – Documents, I really like the option of being able to post to my blog and using the Word Count function that also has the Flemish-Kincaid scale for the document in class.  I haven’t been able to use these functions all summer and couldn’t figure out why.  I have posted my displeasure at a couple of Google Bulletin Boards and whined about it on my blog, but no one has given me a solution so that I could continue using these functions.

Just out of the blue it occurred to me that in the spring I had switched to the “New” version of Google Docs (which has a lot of new features that I really love, but not these two yet.  So the solution was actually quite simple, I went in and unchecked the box

Once I did that, I had access to the old functions that I had missed.  It was that easy!

There, I am happy with Google Docs again now, I can post a draft to my blog using gDocs and all of its functionality, then post it as a draft to my blog, clean up the draft, insert Zemanta and publish the blog. Not elegant but it works for me.  I am beginning to use Google Docs for around 80% of what I do that requires a Word Processor, Spreadsheet or Presentation.
It may not have all the features of Microsoft, Apple, Open Office or some other full Office Suites, but it does 95% of what I want and is only getting better.  Hopefully I will be able to switch back to the “new” gDocs soon, but until then I still have the tools that I wanted by simply using the “old” gDocs which is easily accessible.
I guess I was the only one that didn’t realize how to fix these two things were, it shows that no matter how good we think we are with things, that sometimes it is the little things we miss that are a or become a big deal.  A good reality check for me to remember.