The World of Digital Storytelling – MLTI Session


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Wow it is the last morning of the MLTI conference and I am officially on brain overload, this morning.  But I am going to make it through the day.
This morning’s session was:

Take Your Writing Into the Digital World: The World of Digital Storytelling
Official MLTI Session Description

Presenters: Maggie Skafidas, Marshwood Adult & Community Education & Lorraine Robida, COMPASS

“Join us for this fun, hands-on experience as we explore how to useiMovie and digital storytelling in an adult education setting. Once you learn to use iMovie, the ideas for implementing it are endless.

Don’t let limited computer skills hold you back from teaching with Digital Storytelling – basic computer skills are all you need. iMovie is a fabulous tool to actively engage learners of all ages in the process of developing, writing and editing their own digital stories. Use this creative tool to develop autobiographies, reports, narratives, and a variety of other projects. You will leave this workshop with a working understanding of digital storytelling and iMovie. Bring a flash drive if you would like to take your work with you (or even better bring your own Mac laptop with iMovie to use.)”

We started out with an overview of what the presenters had done with digital story telling.  The story they showed was from an eight year old woman who had learned to read in their program.  The story was very powerful.
They discussed that digital storytelling can be:

  • Autobiographical
  • Reports
  • Poems
  • Poetry project

Summary of a field trip taken
and the process that they used was

  • Research
  • create written piece
  • storyboard
  • find pictures/movies
  • record voice and/or sound piece

Potential project: Pair students with Senior citizen/grandparent to tell that person’s story and we discussed how powerful that could be.

The best part of the presentation was the hands-on piece, where I got to try iMovie.  I had seen it and have used Movie Maker in the past, but I just hadn’t had a chance to get in and play with iMovie. 

Below is my first iMovie movie and although it is rather rough around the edges, it gave me an idea about how powerful iMovie will be in my classroom. wouldn’t let me do a direct upload from my computer to my blog, so I uploaded this video to YouTube (never done that before either) and then used the embed code from YouTube to put it in my blog.
Wow two firsts in the same morning.

The more I learn about digital storytelling, the more that I want to use it in the classroom, it will be interesting to see how that works out.