The MLTI Conference is now a very fond memory in my life. My brain is on overload as I try to process everything I have done and learned over the past three and one-half days.

  • Did it live up to my expectation?  Absolutely, positively!
  • Did I do everything that I wanted too?  Absolutely not!

There were so many workshops that were happening simultaneously that I couldn’t attend all the sessions that I really, really wanted to go to.  If I had accomplished everything I wanted to, I think I would have be disappointed today, because I would have initially aimed too low.  I accomplished much more than I thought I would.

The only complaint that I have about the MLTI conference was that there was not enough time to do everything – I guess that was a great problem to have.

I got to meet face-to-face with Alice, Sarah, Jim, Tom and so many others that I can’t remember everyone’s name now.  I also got to re-connect with Craig, Mary and of course Rich.  This to me was the absolutely greatest part of the conference – getting to meet and talk with the people who are attending who I talk with onTwitter or other places on the web.

The other thing that I will take away from this conference is my personal paradigm shift about Digital Storytelling.  Before the conference I had heard of it, but just never had any time find out what it really was about.  After Jason Ohler’s Keynote presentation, his workshop yesterday morning and the hands-on session that I did this morning, Digital Storytelling will find its way into my teaching.  Talk about a change in attitude – going from not knowing much of nothing about a subject, to in less than three days wanting to incorporate it in my curriculum and to create a small digital story for myself.  That to me is a successful learning experience.

During the conference we also learned of the difficulties that the new image is causing with the MLTI Macs interacting with Google – it would not let us access their Google accounts when we used the MLTI MacBook.  Not good if we are going to be using Google Apps in the classroom.  I am hopeful that the MLTI project people and Apple/Google are able to work this issue out before school starts or I am going to have to make some pretty significant changes on really, really short notice.  Which I really don’t have time for.

This MLTI Image issue really reinforced to me why it was important for me to have my own computer, not just the MLTI Laptop.  If I want to do something with my computer, I can.  I am not reliant upon “permissions” from someone else regarding what I can do with or on my laptop.

The only constructive suggestion  is to forewarn participants that we need to bring “briefcases” since backpacks were banned from the cafeteria.  Many of us use backpacks/slingpacks as our briefcases.  I just didn’t feel comfortable with leaving my MBP & MLTI Laptop (I brought both), plus the other accessories I have in my briefcase (backpack), I like my extremely portable and expensive property where I can see it. Just a thought.

I really want to say thank you to all the organizers of the MLTI Summer Institute, who provided the participants a first class conference that exceeded my expectations in every way – I think I gained a couple of pounds too (the food was good too).  A special thank you goes out to Juanita Dickson, she seemed to be everywhere and doing so much to make sure that everything was going smoothly.

This conference is the new standard that I will judge conferences by.  Now if they could have broken my string of zero for all trainings/conferences for getting a conference goodie in the usual ending raffle, it would have been the perfect conference.