The name of the afternoon session at the MLTI Summer Institute by David Patterson was “Shoot Yourself”.  The name is rather misleading, but the content was not!  I have always wanted to learn more about Photography and I learned more about it in the 3 hours with David yesterday afternoon than I had previously on my own.

I love to take pictures, but most of them are really not all that good.  I learned:

  • How the different settings on the camera affect how your picture turns out.
  • What to look at before taking the picture, so that there is less cropping afterward.

For me the best part of the class was being able to go out and “try” to look at things differently.  Here are a few of what I consider my “best” shots yesterday.

The last one – a picture of a canon with trash in it tells its own story about us.

This is one of the best sessions I have ever attended at any conference and some of my photos will improve a great deal from what I learned in it.

We also discussed Creative Commons, which made think and then go and check this blog to see what re-use license I had put on it…I had forgotten to add my Creative Commons license to the sidebar or page, so I took care of it.

The most important thing that I will take away from this session was “you don’t have to worry about the copyright issue in your class, if it is their work.”  I do know that I will focus a lot more on attribution and copyright issues this year than I did last year and this session really cleared up that issue for me.

Great session!  Thank you David.